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Put Your Language Skills to Good Use

Many of the recommended effective aid organizations have websites in English only, or, like the Against Malaria Foundation, they rely on volunteers for translation services.

If you have a good knowledge of English and some free time, you could write to an aid organization and offer to help with translations. It’s a good idea to indicate just how much time you can dedicate to this per week and when you will be available.

Here at EffectGive, we would also like to help spread the word by making the content of our website available in other languages. We would greatly appreciate the help of native speakers of languages ​​other than German and English willing to donate some time to help us translate. If you are interested, just send an email stating your native language and availability to [email protected] .

Translate4Charity: Provide a platform where translations can be made on a voluntary basis and recommended aid organizations can post translation projects. If you use WordPress for this purpose, the translated texts can be integrated directly into your system. GiveWell, and possibly other Effective Altruism organizations, also offer translations.