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Help as a company

Make a donation in lieu of Christmas gifts to customers or employees.

Below is an example formulation:

“In the past twelve months, we have been able to work on a large number of projects, develop new ideas and implement them together with you, our customers and business partners. For this, and for your continued support, we would like extend our deepest appreciation and thanks.

This year, instead of giving Christmas presents to our customers / employees, we’ve decided to donate the amount of €2,500 to the Against Malaria Foundation which has been awarded the highest rating in GiveWell‘s independent ranking of the most effective aid organizations. This amount, allows the Against Malaria Foundation to buy over 1,000 durable mosquito nets which, according to the Independent Calculation of GiveWell,  will prevent one fatality due to malaria and more than 300 non-fatal cases of the disease.

We hope that are pleased to be a part of the fight against malaria. We wish you and your family, your employees and colleagues, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With Christmassy regards ”