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EffectGive Foundation

This website is operated by the EffectGive Foundation.

EffectGive is a charitable foundation whose purpose is defined as follows in the Articles of Association: “The purpose of the Foundation is to promote health, education and action to combat disease and poverty, support people in distress and poverty and increase the effectiveness of donations and volunteering.” As of December 27th, 2012, the EffectGive Foundation has been recognized as a non-profit organization by the tax office in Cologne, Germany, as defined in article §§ 51 ff. AO.

EffectGive is independent and neutral and does not have any organizational or financial links to other aid organizations recommended on the website.


Dr. oec. Daniel Spohn (chairman), founder and CEO of LanguageCourse SL and other e-commerce companies.

Winfried Spohn, retired entrepreneur and chair of the Hubert Schnitzler Foundation.