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Donations Instead of Gifts / Flowers

Donations instead of gifts: More and more on occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, christenings or weddings we are asked to refrain from giving gifts and it is suggested that guests make a charitable donation instead. Save your friends and acquaintances both the time and the stress involved in the search for a suitable gift, while guaranteeing that your gift will be truly useful. At the same time you will be increasing awareness of your preferred charity and some of your guests may even decide to continue to support that aid organization in the long term.

Here is an sample formulation:

“In lieu of gifts, we will have a donation box. At the end of the event, its contents will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation, whose work is close to our hearts and who has been named the most effective aid organization in an independent ranking by . The Against Malaria Foundation uses the donations to buy and distribute long-lasting mosquito nets and with 2,500 EUR can prevent one fatality from malaria and more than 300 non-fatal cases.”

By collecting donations in this way, you save your guests not only time, but money too, as their donations are tax deductible.

Here is a sample collection box on

Donations instead of wreaths/flowers. You can ask your family members to include a comment in your obituary or bereavement letter following the example below:

“At the request of the deceased, we kindly ask that instead of flowers or wreaths, a donation can be made to the Against Malaria Foundation. IBAN: DE43502109000216991001; Citibank Frankfurt, BIC: CITIDEFF. Object: Funeral [first name, last name of the deceased].”