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Cash Donations

The most effective aid organizations can save lives with less than 3000 EUR. Donations can therefore have a huge impact on the lives of others.

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) Donation Form: Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. You will receive an automatically generated donation receipt after online payment. AMF is registered in Germany as a charitable organization. For donations over 200 EUR you can request an original donation receipt by post.

For all other effective aid organizations listed in the ranking, the following donation page from the Foundation for Effective Altruism is recommended for donations from Germany and Switzerland. If you pay via this page, your donation will be tax deductible in Germany and Switzerland and there are no processing fees. For donations over 200 EUR, a donation receipt will be sent automatically to the donor free of charge. For donations made directly to the aid organization, the donation is only deductible if the aid organization is established as a registered charitable foundation in the country of residence of the donor. This is often not the case, however, for many international aid organizations.

Take advantage of the tax advantage. Depending on your income tax rate/tax bracket, you can get back up to 45% of your donation as a tax refund.

Alternative links for donations:

  • GiveWell Donation Page: donations by credit card or PayPal to the aid organizations recommended by GiveWell. Form in English. Since GiveWell is based in the United States, they cannot issue a donation certificate valid for tax deductions in Germany or Switzerland.
  • Directly on the website of the respective aid organization. Tax benefit certificate only possible when the aid organization is a charitable foundation registered in your country of residence.